2024 Mach-E Rally

The electric Mustang now has a brand-new incarnation, the 2024 Ford Mach-E Rally! Based on the Mach-E GT and enhanced to make it even sportier, this new Mustang pushes the limits of electric power. As well as being extremely powerful, its agility makes all the difference when going off-road, and its technology makes driving even easier and more enjoyable. Customizable and stylish, it’s sure to delight thrill-seekers!

Powerful as Ever

When it comes to performance, fans of legendary Mustang power will be more than satisfied with what the Mach-E Rally has to offer. Thanks to its two electric motors located on each axle, it can deliver up to 480 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque! With a slightly larger battery than the Mach-E GT, 91 kilowatt-hours instead of 88, the estimated range climbs to around 400 kilometres. In addition to 20 millimetres of extra ground clearance, the Rallye is also equipped with Magneride adjustable shock absorbers that make it more resistant to bouncing, for a better ride.

Revamped and Improved

In addition to its high horsepower, the Mach-E Rally features a number of modifications that allow it to move easily off-road. Protective plates under the car and protective films on the bottom of the doors strengthen the Mach-E’s structure, making it even more resistant to the elements. The performance seats also offer greater comfort, especially when you’re taking on rougher roads. Finally, the tow hook makes it easy to tow the vehicle in the event of a wrong turn.

Rally-Worthy Looks

The design of the Mach-E Rally has been thought out to allow you to make the most of the capabilities it has to offer. The distinctive electric Mustang front bumper has been enhanced to make the car even more aerodynamic, and the integrated front fog lights effectively illuminate the road at all times. Several details give it a sporty look, such as the two black stripes on the hood and the Ford Focus RS-inspired spoiler. What’s more, the Mach-E Rally is available in six colours, including gabber yellow, which gives the vehicle even more personality.

Welcome to the Future

The raw power of the Mach-E Rally’s engine is only fully effective when complemented by the latest technologies, such as the first RallySport driving mode developed by Ford. Designed for off-road driving, it provides better control and handling in tight bends. Combined with new tires, this driving mode enables the Mach-E to perform better on snowy or slippery roads. Equipped with the latest BlueCruise hands-free driving technology, as well as several driver assistance features, the Mach-E helps you get around safely while maintaining the pleasure of driving.