2025 Ford Explorer: The Perfect Family Vehicle

The Ford Explorer is the most versatile SUV in the Ford family. Its silhouette, neither too massive nor too sporty, allows it to stand out from the crowd of its competitors. But it’s especially its interior design – because the Ford Explorer is first and foremost a family vehicle – that allows it to offer a spectacular ride.

This will be even more true with the all-new 2025 Ford Explorer, which benefits from noteworthy technological upgrades. Don’t worry, its personality hasn’t changed, but it has been given new assets to please.

In fact, the 2025 Explorer is designed to meet the needs of modern families. The spacious interior offers three rows of comfortable seats, accommodating up to seven passengers. The second and third-row seats fold down easily to maximize cargo space, which is ideal for transporting luggage, sports equipment or groceries.

Oddly enough, it’s smaller than its predecessor, which doesn’t spoil the clearance offered to passengers. This reduction in size allows it to be just a little more dynamic, both in terms of look and handling. Because while the exterior changes, and it changes quite a bit, the interior is still assembled on the same platform.

What will really please the whole family, however, is the presence of a new infotainment system and its 13.2-inch screen that integrates all the new features.

Because the new Ford Digital Experience is based on Google’s Android Automotive operating system, it will allow you to download a whole list of Google apps. Enough to please the most demanding technophiles.

Better yet, it will be possible to have a map view in the instrument cluster, whereas previously only turn-by-turn directions were offered.

Don’t like Google Assistant? That is no problem. You can opt for Alexa since the system will also accept voice commands! Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless are both standard for the majority of us who prefer to use our smartphones.

Your family is waiting for you while you run a quick errand? No worries, the 2025 Ford Explorer, once parked, lets you stream videos on YouTube and Amazon Prime. They can also browse the web using the Vivaldi browser (Google Chrome is on the way), and there is an assortment of video games available that can be played with a Bluetooth-connected controller.

You might think this is just a gimmick. But when you drive a family vehicle, you know that you need more than just the excellent mechanics of the Ford Explorer. You need a living environment. And that’s what the 2025 Ford Explorer offers.